Freelance Web Development
  • Set up a virtual private server running Debian, nginx, SQLite, and PHP to host websites
  • Converted given design into HTML / CSS
  • Created camper registration system in PHP
  • (2012)
  • Created custom design for client, implemented in HTML / CSS
  • Developed PHP backoffice as an interface for updating content
Software Development for Titan Research Group (2013)
  • Designed and implemented a JavaScript enhanced front-end user interface capable of dynamically pulling data from a complex Python back-end
  • Developed Python powered system for automating mechanical engineering calculations and generating reports
  • Constructed PHP / SQLite based data lookup routines, capable of performing interpolation between nearby values
The Storm Machine (2012, unreleased)
  • Java based game: non-player characters work through a looped sequence of tasks, which can be interrupted by changes in the weather conditions, introduced by the player
  • Developed as an experimental, isometric, event based game
  • Entire isometric sprite rendering engine custom built from the ground up
  • All sprites and animations designed in the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)
Airlock (2012) and Triple Play (2012)
  • Independently designed and developed both puzzle games for the Android platform
  • Developed customized graphical and interface engines from scratch (Java)
  • Designed and crafted all art assets in GIMP and Adobe Photoshop
  • Both games rated 4.5 / 5 through 20,000 combined installs
  • PHP powered online leaderboards
Junior Developer for (2011)
  • Converted given design layout into HTML / CSS
  • Developed PHP / MySQL powered back-end allowing client to upload own images, update resort locations
  • Created JavaScript system managing background image rotation
Junior Developer for (2011)
  • Implemented given design layout in HTML / CSS
  • Designed PHP / MySQL powered back-end allowing client to manage large scale book inventory
  • Designed and implemented PHP powered e-commerce system, including encrypted storage of user's information and full integration with Moneris
Junior Developer for (2011)

Other works, including development of a full featured content management system, outfitted with a customized WSYWIG editor. System produced formatted text consistent with the client's website design, and also provided portals for uploading images and other documents

Blueberry for Google Chrome (2010)
Free on the Google Chrome Webstore
  • Built customized JavaScript engine to power a new tab page extension in Google Chrome
  • Engine uses localStorage to store settings and user data
  • Designed and produced all art assets and character animations in Autodesk 3ds Max
Poster Designs (2009)
  • Modelled and rendered designs in Autodesk 3ds Max
  • Created printouts, to be used as wall posters